Ayaaz’s 1st birthday party…..

A few days ago I photographed the first birthday party

of Ayaaz at Madina Hall in Oldham.


His parents MJ and Afia asked me to record this very special evening.


Below are a selection of the pictures…..


Ayaaz 001Ayaaz 002Ayaaz 003Ayaaz 004Ayaaz 005810_0191Ayaaz 006Ayaaz 007Ayaaz 008Ayaaz 009Ayaaz 011Ayaaz 012Ayaaz 013Ayaaz 014Ayaaz 015Ayaaz 016Ayaaz 017Ayaaz 018Ayaaz 019Ayaaz 020Ayaaz 021Ayaaz 022Ayaaz 023Ayaaz 024Ayaaz 025Ayaaz 026Ayaaz 027Ayaaz 028Ayaaz 029Ayaaz 030Ayaaz 031Ayaaz 032Ayaaz 033Ayaaz 034Ayaaz 035Ayaaz 036Ayaaz 037Ayaaz 038Ayaaz 039Ayaaz 040Ayaaz 041Ayaaz 042Ayaaz 043Ayaaz 044Ayaaz 045Ayaaz 046

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