Labour wins general election…..

Well, congratulations to the Labour Party and the UK’s new Prime Minister, Keir Starmer.

Way back in January 2020, I photographed Keir when he came to Manchester to launch his Labour leadership campaign.

I spent most of the day with him and seeing him close up and fairly personal, I liked him. I’ve met hundreds of politicians during my 30+ year press career and I can’t say the same for most of them!

In general, most Labour politicians I’ve met are decent hard working people and are in it for the right reasons. I’m not really in to politics but I suspect the country is in good hands – but only time will tell.


Reddish Vale Viaduct…..

Most of you know I’ve recently invested in a drone to provide aerial photography for my clients.

Well, it’s been a worthwhile move as I’ve flown it loads and as well as delivering what my clients asked for, it’s also really good fun!

I have everything the Civil Aviation Authority require (Operator ID etc) and commercial insurance.

You can see my aerial website page here if you fancy a quick look at the photography I’ve been providing in recent weeks…..

I also fly for fun too…… here are a couple of pictures taken last night of Reddish Vale Viaduct near Stockport.

The 546.2 metre long, 16-span viaduct was built in 1875 and carries the Hope Valley rail line over the River Tame and Reddish Vale Country Park  – and remarkably, the train was only two minutes late!!

Thanks for looking!




Aerial photography….

A lot of my clients have been asking me for quite a while to offer aerial photography so I recently invested in a drone.

I’ve been flying drones for years but never for commercial purposes – I just really really enjoy flying a camera in the air!

So this is my first blog with an aerial image and what better and more topical at the moment than the co-op LIVE venue in Manchester. It’s fair to say it’s had its fair share of problems in the last couple of weeks which have been well documented so I won’t bother repeating.

It does look amazing from the air, especially in the company of Manchester City’s Etihad stadium at sundown.

So that’s it everyone, I now officially offer aerial photography for my clients so please spread the word, thanks!


A real legend…….

I was saddened to learn of the passing of a legend today.

Steve Harley was one of my favourite artists – I’ve been listening to his music for nearly 40 years, and have seen him live many times.

In 2019 I was asked by his publicity company to photograph one of his shows in Darwen, Lancashire. I also managed to get some pre-show portraits of Steve backstage, which was one of my career highlights.

I remember him being the ultimate professional and an absolute pleasure to photograph.

Rest in peace Steve, you’ll be missed.