Hannah and Andrew’s wedding day…..

Last Friday I witnessed the beautiful marriage of Hannah and

Andrew and was lucky enough to shoot their wedding day



I have previously photographed Andrew’s mum Trish and sister

Claire’s wedding- Andrew and Hannah’s day was every bit as

special and amazing.


The  day started off at Hannah’s mum’s house where six (yes, six!) bridesmaids were busily having their make up done and

hair prepared. They looked after Hannah keeping her well topped up with buck’s fizz.

I quickly met up with Andrew at his mum’s to see him fixing his cravat and watch best man Scott devouring bacon


I returned to see Hannah having her dress fitted by her Mum in a bedroom. She walked downstairs to gasps of amazement

from her bridesmaids. As Hannah was having her buttons finished off what should turn up on the street outside? A

beautiful carriage and two horses……Andrew’s little surprise.

That really set Hannah off and I think it suddenly dawned on her…. it’s my wedding day!!

Hannah, her mum and Dene arrived at Albion United Reformed Church in the carriage and walked down the aisle to a

waiting groom and best man Scott.

A beautiful service followed with lots of laughter, smiles and maybe a few tears.

After signing the register and leaving the church to lots of clapping a few group shots were done and confetti was thrown

over the new Mr and Mrs Kenworthy.

So on to Park Bridge Heritage Centre….. this place is perfect for wedding photography.

The horse and carriage navigated its way through heavy Friday afternoon traffic with the bride and groom aboard. Finally, I

had them to myself for half an hour in the tranquil yet industrial setting of this wonderful place.

Hannah and Andrew then made their short journey to their reception at Smokies Park Hotel in the wedding car.

At this point I want to thank my fantastic assistant Elysia for helping me all day. She is currently studying for a degree in

photography and I really hope days like these are valuable to her and her future career.

Good food, wine and plenty of beer was then consumed before the speeches started. Hannah’s mum Diane started the

proceedings, followed by a hilarious speech by Andrew.

So on to the best man’s speech by Scott.

This was made up primarily of highly embarrassing pictures on a big screen of Andrew from a young child, all the way to his

stag do in Munich just a few weeks earlier. As you’ll see, Andrew’s face was a picture……

The room quickly emptied for the evening turnaround so I took Hannah, Andrew, best man Scott, bridesmaids Claire, Laura,

Sinead, Kayleigh, Laura, Sarah and groomsmen Nick, Peter, Anthony and Daniel over the road to a field to do some fun

group shots.

It turned out to be funnier than expected…. mainly due to the consumption of alcohol! Everyone had a great time I think….

Time for the evening guests to arrive and meet the newly married couple. Hannah and Andrew cut the cake and did their

first dance.

Soon the floor was full of couples, families, children and friends dancing and celebrating with Mr and Mrs Kenworthy.

Thanks Hannah, Andrew and all your family and friends for making me me feel welcome to do your wedding day

photography. I really do feel part of your family!

See you all soon.

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